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The signing of New Jersey's Quade is sure to put Suncity Records on the AOR map and will whet the appetite of all the AOR purists around the globe. I suppose you could say the Quade are Suncity's inaugural complete AOR release.

The album that we will be releasing is Quade's 1989 cassette only release entitled "Rock In Motion". Quade went on after that to release their next album, Heaven's Break which is these days considered a ultra rare collectors item and is currently being bootlegged by Rock It Records (Italy) out of America.


The closest comparison to the music of Quade's Rock In Motion would be in my opinion classic mid to late 80's Honeymoon Suite. So if you like spine tingling keyboards with a very rockin' vibe, this release is for you. Rock In Motion is considered by many AOR fans as a much more complete and all round release than the follow up "Heaven's Break". Check out the promo photo of the band!! WOW! How 80's, enjoy!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I really advise everyone to go and check out Kimo Kersse's personal website for all the latest news -

The song that we will be featuring below is a ballad off the album and should give you an idea of the talent this band have.

Sound Sample

Quade - Been So Long

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